Ghanaian COVID-19 Survivor Recounts Her Epic Battle For Her Life

Nana Tima

We’re still living through this coronavirus pandemic.

It has been a hectic past four months since Ghana first confirmed coronavirus cases.

Since then, we have had almost 25,000 confirmed cases with 139 people loosing their lives.

21,067 people have also recovered from the virus in the country, among them is Nana Tima.

Nana Tima took to Facebook to share her story of dealing with COVID-19 symptoms and the helpful support network that helped her recover.

“I had severe headaches, diarrhea and nausea. Nothing was staying in my stomach, not even water. The cough I had wasn’t dry, it was productive. The worst symptom for me was the general feeling of malaise,” she wrote in a lengthy Facebook post.

“Words won’t do justice to the emotional roller coaster that dealing with this virus comes with. I wept many times,” Nana added.

“The night I found out Sir John had died was a long one indeed for me. I didn’t blink all night,” she said.

“I was grateful to God for preserving my life but then again I was overwhelmed with sorrow in equal measure,” she explained.

You can read Nana’s full post here.

Covid-19 is still out there, stay safe.


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