Ghanaian Artistes Abuse These Words In Every Love Song

Ghanaian love songs
One of GH's biggest crooners, Kuami Eugene//image via YouTube

Is it really a Ghanaian love song if these words aren’t in the lyrics??

We love a good Ghanaian song and we know the artistes can’t help but recycle some of these words for us. After hearing a thousand and one love songs on the radio, we came up with these very common lyrics.

#1 Odo Yewu eeeee!!!!

A favourite. If you don’t scream Odo Yewu a few times, it isn’t a love song.

#2 Abena

Hands down the most overused Ghanaian name in most love songs

#3 Ohemaa

It’s understandable because well, every fine girl is referred to as Ohemaa in Ghana.

#4 Whine for me / Whine your waist

Every day every artiste wants a girl to whine for them. It’s still hard to tell if the word is actually wind your waist that has been distorted to become whine or wine but…some whining of the waist must happen.

#5 Dance for me

If they are not asking you to whine then you definitely have to dance for them. Every day, dance for me. Another variation of this is the ever present…

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