All You Need To Know About The Apollo Holes/Venus Holes

Apollo holes/Venus holes
Apollo holes/Venus holes

The name got me cringing but this is a good thing. Apollo/Venus holes are those 2 dimples like holes at the lower back of person( male or female). People feel a little bit insecure about it but it’s a very fascinating feature.

The dimples at the Lower back like dimples on the face is a result of muscular something…..which means there are no or fewer muscles at that particular place.

The venus holes are located just above the place where the pelvic bone connects to the spine, there are no muscles at that place thus forming these holes.

What does that two holes on your lower back mean? Is it a sign of ...

These holes make some men or women feel insecure. But actually according to The sun people with these holes are actually really selzzyyyyy. They are in good and health and have a proper circulation of blood in their body.

According to other sources which are credible, 80% of men find the Apollo holes as some of the little things on women that turn them on. So if you have some it’s a plus. People with these holes are sexually active in other words they have a screaming sex life. It also helps women to get to orgasm really quick.

Like all good things it can disappear i.e when you gain weight, fat fills these holes.  It doesn’t mean you will lose your screaming sex life or your orgasms but it’s an indication you are putting on weight.

So if you have a partner or a friend that is into sex there is a high probability they are very much into sex.

Stay safe peeps ‘cos corona  ain’t gon’ yet


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