8 Things Every Ghanaian Does But Will Not Admit To Doing

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We all do most of these things. It’s what makes us human!

If you cannot relate to any, we suggest you go to Mars!

Fantasizing about someone in the middle of your day

This applies to both guys and girls. You all know that you have definitely spent some time daydreaming about some particular guy or girl right in the middle of a meeting or work or class or even in the car on your way home. Sometimes it’s not even someone you already know. It might be someone you just met or a picture you just saw or even a celebrity.

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Stalking someone on social media

We have all stalked someone on social media before. In fact, chances are you probably stalked someone today or yesterday. It hits harder when you do it right before you sleep. Sometimes it’s a crush, other times it’s your business competitors, maybe it’s someone you admire or someone you want to connect with or maybe your boo’s bad. We’ve all been there before…scrolling scrolling and trying so hard not to mistakenly like an old post.

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Saying you’re busy when you’re not

You’re smiling aren’t you? because you’ve said this so many times to so many different people. “Sorry about your text, I was caught up in something” “Can you call back? I’m actually very busy right now” “I have been so busy these days I barely had time to call to check in”…

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Calling in sick when you’re not

Sometimes laziness rears its ugly head and you just don’t want to get out of bed because maybe, it’s too cold to not keep laying in bed doing nothing so what do you do? You call in sick with some story and spend the day in bed.

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Saying something came up when nothing really did

Lots of introverts are on this table. After making plans with someone and realizing on the D day that you just cannot bring yourself to extrovert, you just call or text that something very important came up and you had to cancel. Half the time, the only thing that came up is your need for “alone time”

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Saying you’re broke when you’re not 

Everyone is screaming that they are broke on social media but we can promise you, lots of them are not dead broke. Anyone who has said they are broke definitely probably has some coins stashed away that they just don’t want to touch.

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Faking a sleepy voice so you’d be left alone

How many times have we all not pretended to be sleepy so someone would leave you alone? You know this person calling is going to talk for long. You know you don’t want to have a conversation. You know paaa that if you don’t answer, they won’t stop calling so you pick up with a fake groggy voice and if they have ‘sense’ they will hit you with the “Oh were you sleeping?” and leave you alone.

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Watched a phone ring and not answer

The funny thing about this is, sometimes you are actually on your phone and you get interrupted with the call but, one look at the caller ID and you just pretend you aren’t seeing the phone ring.

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Which ones are you guilty of?

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