7 Of The Most Overused Words On Twitter Right Now

Most overused words on Twitter//Kuulpeeps.com
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You know what makes Twitter interesting?

Something is always trending. It can be a meme, a joke, an argument or something as simple as a word!

After Jada and Will Smith’s Red Table Talk, Entanglement has become quite popular and everyone’s been using it but the thing that’s most relieving about this word is, it seems it will die a quiet death soon.

Aside Entanglement, these are the other words that crept up on Twitter and wouldn’t go away! Some are fairly new and others have been trending since last year!

1. Normalize

def: to make things a standard condition or state.

eg: Normalize not normalizing everything!

2. Bomboclat

Def: usually used to ask for people’s opinions on an image or meme

side note: can this joke end already? It’s been there forever!!

3. Toxic

Def: a negative person or situation

Right now, the word is sprinkled around like parsley all the time for almost any kind of relationship. Doesn’t matter if it’s being used right the word is toxic now.

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