4 Secrets You Should Never Keep From Your Partner


I believe trust holds every relationship together and not necessarily love. Once the trust is broken, whether you love the person or not, things will never be the same again and you’ll definitely feel and see it.

Keeping secrets in a relationship is a dicey subject to talk about. There are some secrets that you can keep because it really doesn’t add or subtract anything to your relationship but certain secrets should definitely be shared with your partner. Here are some of them.

1. Financial Issues

If you or your partner had financial issues before your marriage, those financial woes will carry into your marriage. If you desire financial security and well-being, it’s important that you’re completely honest with your spouse about your financial past. This includes large debts, bankruptcies, liens and credit issues. These issues will show up anytime the two of you prepare to purchase anything, together or separately. Instead of hiding spending habits, receipts, bills and purchases, everything should always be put on the table. (Source: beliefnet.com)

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