4 GH And Naija Songs That Perfectly Describe An Entanglement

songs about entanglements
Sarkodie and Efya image via YouTube

Entanglement, introduced to us by Jada Pinkett Smith while she was explaining her relationship with August Alsina has become a word everyone is currently using to describe a situationship.

According to the Collins Dictionary, An entanglement is a complicated or difficult relationship or situation.

So with this in mind, here are 4 GH and Naija songs that come to mind when I think “Entanglement”

Secret – Burna Boy ft Jeremih and Serani

The perfect entanglement song.

The song is literally about being with a side piece. It’s got all the ingredients:

Burna telling his side ting not to listen to anyone because she’s his number one even though he has a wife! Jeremih singing with his beautiful voice about knowing his side piece wants more out of the relationship but…he’s got a wife. Serani kind of complaining that he gives the side girl everything she wants yet she’s still greedy?!

Lol entanglement in all its beauty!

Saara – Sarkodie ft Efya

So this song represents the kind of entanglement the Smiths are currently in.

If you watched the Red Table talk between Will and Jada Smith, then this is the song that should have been playing in the background. In the hook, Sarkodie and Efya basically say even if the other cheats, it’s not a problem because the love they have is all that is needed. Did someone say “Bad Relationship for life?”.

Catching A Wav – Amaarae

This what August Alsina should be singing right now.

Amaarae’s beautiful voice and the calming feeling can swerve your thoughts from the real meaning of the song: being in love with someone you know is very wrong for you. You know you should let the person go. You know this will just end in tears but, you go on anyways because you’re in love!

Miss You Bad – Mr Eazi ft Burna Boy

At least Amaarae knows she should leave her entanglement but Mr Eazi and Burna Boy on this song? They just want their “entangled piece” back. Mr Eazi practically said, “Sake of I cheat wey you cheat wey I cheat wey you cheat back, baby make we cancel am”.

What situation would you call this??!!! and Burna Boy… the way he started his verse: “Yeah, I ain’t saying I’m in love, Uh, but I am staying I suppose” If you are not in love, why do you want her back huh? Maybe for some healing!

Which song reminds you of an entanglement? We’d like to know!

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