Warning! These Cakes Will Give You Serious Trust Issues

Cakes that look real//Kuulpeeps.com
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Creativity comes in different forms and there’s one that’s got us having serious trust issues.

When you think of cake, what comes to mind? Most likely a slice of some four sided cake. It’s always usually four sided right?

Hold that thought because your paranoia is just about to spiral through the roof!

Onions but..make it cake?

That’s not all.

Eggplant anyone???

Mindblown? Look at this!

Raw Meat!

Imagine you needed to some yarn and you came across this!

Sike! It’s cake

This… this is a piece of wood.

or is it???

Lol even Pounded yam and egusi can swerve you!

And yam…ordinary yam!!

Now watch your whole world come crashing with this video:

Is everything cake???

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Source: kuulpeeps.com

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