The Pettiest Things Juniors Did To Their Wicked Seniors In SHS

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See, Senior High School gave us some really good memories but you’d all agree when we say being a Form 1 student was lowkey one of the worst times in school.

Being a fresher meant you were punished unnecessarily a lot of times and most times, you didn’t even do anything wrong! It also meant you always run errands every few seconds for seniors and you were cheated a lot in many things.

It was miserable and sometimes, you were able to get your revenge!!!

Yesterday, on Kuulpeeps’ Confession box with Osofo Gyaigymii, we asked you all to share with us some of the pettiest things you ever did to a senior just because you were sick and tired of them.

Revenge is best served…immediately!

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Leaking ceiling juice for all your beverage needs

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Sometimes, it’s not a senior. E be your own people

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“For the vanishing…nobody is there again!”

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Fresh breath or…???

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