The Most Unforgettable SHS Confessions From Kuulpeeps’ Confession Box


Yesterday’s Confession Box had several submissions from people confessing about some of the petty things they did to seniors who wouldn’t let them have peace of mind.

But, aside those confessions, some also shared some confessions of the things they did while in Senior High and herh is that how you people are??????

Lmao take a look at these:

These guys or maybe girls used to steal chickens from their House Master just to go kill and prepare at home. The guts people had ei!

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Dear Accra Academy boys.

This is why you always had to buy cutlasses and never found your irons. It was someone’s Kaneshie market booming business!!

I hope they are big time entrepreneurs now. That or they have served time for being thieves before lmao

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This level of finessing here is just impressive!!!

I hope he or she never got caught lol.

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First of all, you people were having sex in High School????

Must have been nice being the girlfriend of someone with so much power…a school prefect.

Talk about finding love in a ‘hopeless place’

This story is just so cute we had to share!!!

If you want to confess your High school shenanigans, feel free to just drop it in this anonymous box. We are open 24/7!

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