The Entrepreneur’s Corner: How To Utilize Digital Advertising For Your Business

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Hey, there! Welcome to this week’s installment of The Entrepreneur’s Corner. This week, Samuel Barimah Amoaning—Creative Director and Founder of Entamoty Media Limited—takes us through his tips on leveraging digital advertising for your business’ sustainability.

Samuel is a blogger, digital advertiser and radio presenter. He has been able to assist several local and international brands to generate leads and build their online presence. The following tips come as a result of his experience.

Businesses And COVID-19

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Currently, a lot of people’s livelihoods have been affected in one way or another. The climate has generally not been good for business. Some entrepreneur’s have been forced to let go of employees as business are hit by the economic effects of the COVID-19 virus.

In times like this, Samuel’s first piece of advice is that, it is okay to take a break. The virus doesn’t just affect business’ bottom-lines, it is also mentally stressful for entrepreneurs. So, as Samuel says, it’s fine if you want to take a break.

Although most businesses have been affected negatively, there are some other business fields that are enjoying growth as a result of the virus. Business in logistics, business that operate in the food chain and digital entertainment businesses are among some of those enjoying growth. Whether your business has been affected negatively or positively, now is a good time to take advantage of digital advertising for your business.

Create A Digital Footprint With A Business Listing

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According to research, over 79% of customers look-up businesses before even visiting a shop or trying to patronize their services. The results of a Google search of a company, determines the amount of confidence that a consumer will have in that company. And not having an online presence—a digital footprint—at all creates an unfavorable impression.

Samuel gives us a list of services that you can use to create a listing for your business. This will allow you to put basic business information such as opening and closing times, phone numbers, email addresses and even your business’ location online to make your business more accessible to your customers.

You can create a listing for your business using Google My Business, Business Ghana or Yellow Pages.

Start A Blog Or Website

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Another great way to improve the digital presence of your business is to create a website or a blog for the business. According to Samuel, there are several benefits to having a website for your business. It allows you to put out information fairly easily in real-time. For example, you can have a live-inventory on your website which will allow your customers to know exactly what is currently available to them.

Now, costs shouldn’t be an excuse to not create a website for your business. Samuel gives us a list of services that you can use to create a website for your company. These services are free and will also provide a domain for your use.

The free services that you can use to create your website are, and

Embrace Social Media

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Samuel believes that businesses should naturally embrace social media because of the times that we are in. It is easily accessible to everyone and it has proven to be an incredible tool for driving business growth.

These are Samuel’s tips for businesses that want to incorporate social media into their digital advertising strategy.

  • Choose The Right Platform: There are various social networks, and finding the right fit for your business is important to maximize engagement. For example, if you sold hair and makeup, it would be a terrible idea to use LinkedIn as your go-to platform. Instagram would be a better fit for a business like that.
  • Create A Calendar For Your Posts: Samuel also believes that consistency is important for growing your business on social media. Creating a calendar for your posts not only makes it easier to manage your social media account, it also makes it easier and more coherent when different people manage the business account.
  • Join Trends: Establishing a voice as a brand is important. It is also important to maintain the identity of that voice and the brand. However, whenever there is an intersection between trends and your brand identity, joining a trend is a good way to increase your engagement.
  • Be Responsive: People don’t appreciate it when brands don’t interact on social media. Interaction allows people to feel like their opinions matter to a brand. It is also a great way to create loyalty in your customers.
  • Use Video Content: Finally, Samuel believes that video content is a great tool for social media advertising. You just have to keep the videos short and the content engaging.

Invest In Professional Campaigns

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The final way to take advantage of digital advertising for your business is to invest in professional campaigns or sponsored ads. Samuel believes that there is no substitute for organic reach and engagement. However, building up significant organic engagement is not without its struggles. Sponsored ads are therefore also a great tool for digital advertising.

The things you need to consider when thinking about sponsored content are: your budget, your target audience and the duration of the campaign.

Hire A Professional

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As is the case with a lot of other things, hiring a professional can exponentially increase the quality of results that you get. Of course, in this case, you have to take your budget into consideration as well.

The Entrepreneur’s Corner is a weekly series that brings you business tips and insights from people with real-world business experience.

Source: Africa Skills Hub; Samuel Barimah Amoaning


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