Ice Cream Worth Over A Thousand Dollars And More

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It all started when we saw this tweet on our TL

It sparked a lot of talk with several questions, paramount amongst them being:

“How much was the ice cream aaa that he didn’t have cash to pay?”

We wouldn’t know but, we couldn’t stop thinking…there are some pretty expensive Ice Creams sold around the world that will definitely get your card declined if you don’t have money!

Take a look

Strawberries Arnaud – $1.4 million (Over 8 million Ghana cedis)

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This ice cream is sold in New Orleans. It is made of fresh strawberries, some expensive sauce, mint, whipped cream and oh it comes with a 7-carat pink diamond.

Absurdity Sundae – $60,000 (Over GHc346,000)

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For the full price, you get to go to Tanzania and a chef will make this ice cream with ice from the Kilimanjaro. Proceeds from this go to a charity.

Frozen Chocolate Haute – $25,000 (Over GHc144,000)

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This ice cream is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most expensive ice cream. Sold in New York, the chocolate ice cream is made of milk, rare cocoa blends, truffle pieces and whipped cream and of course five grams of 23 karat gold on the top.

$1000 (A little over GHc5000)

Expensive Ice Creams In The World
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Vanilla ice cream with chocolate vodka sauce, whipped cream, brownies coated with 24 karat edible gold leaves and more sold in New York. The ice cream comes with an inedible ring made of white gold and black steel.

The Victoria – $1000

The $1,000 Victoria Ice Cream Sundae is named after the England ...
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This ice cream sold in London was named after Queen Victoria. Makes sense that it’s expensive right? It’s infused with royalty! The ice cream is made up of vanilla ice cream, with a lot of yummy ingredients including caramelized golden peanuts, dark chocolate, Hennessey VSOP cognac, hot fudge, butterscotch and whipped cream and oh a handmade chocolate golden crown with some 24-karat gold dust.

Source: Steemit/Kuulpeeps

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