Gina Prince-Brythewood: ‘The Old Guard’ Director Is First Black Woman To Direct Live-Action Comic Book Movie

Gina Prince-Brythewood

With her movie, “The Old Guard” coming out, Gina Prince-Bythewood has become the first black woman to direct a live action comic book movie.

The movie follows the lives of immortals who have been around for centuries.

Directing this movie, held Gina to realise her dream.

“I, for a long while, never thought I’d get the opportunity to make one given the way Hollywood loves to work,” Prince-Bythewood, 51, tells Variety. “But then Patty Jenkins did ‘Wonder Woman’ and did such a phenomenal job that, that creaked the door open just a little bit.”

As the film opens in the era of Black Lives Matter, it seems Hollywood may be catching up to Prince-Bythewood, who has focused her career on putting Black women in front of the camera.

Netflix has confirmed that she is the first black woman to direct such a movie.

The video streaming platform called her “a true artist, a phenomenal filmmaker, an immortal inspiration.”

Lovers of the movie would be glad to note that, there are already talks for a sequel to the movie.


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