9 Side Jobs That Pay More Than Salaried Jobs In Nigeria

buka restaurant
buka restaurant

Have you thought of how much people earn from menial jobs or side hustles?. Do you know some of these jobs that most people consider to be for the poor or uneducated ones generate more income than some salary earners when calculated?. If you don’t know yet, then now is the time to become aware and perhaps start any of those lucrative menial jobs. Irrespective of you’re a student or a salary earner.

Barbering and Beauty shops

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There’s no guy that wouldn’t want either cut, trim or shape their hair. The price ranges from N300 – N1000 per head depending on what service the customer wants. If the barber renders his services to at least 10 people a day, in a week that’s like N21,000 – N100,000. As for ladies no need to even explain the lengths we go to make sure we slay. I leave you to calculate the total amount for a month and yes some add pedicure and manicure treatment to their services.

Sports viewing centres

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75% of Nigerian males love football even some females. Many among them, they do not like missing out on any match and you know how Nigerian power supply can be sometimes frustrating. That’s where sport viewing centres come into play. Each match per head Costs between N150 – N300 depending on the location. By the way, is there any day a football match isn’t aired?

Poultry farming

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 Many Nigerians consume eggs, catfish, chickens and even meats on a daily basis. Though, Poultry business can be tedious and requires patience especially the cost of poultry feeds, cleaning the dungs and maintaining the environment but the profit generated after all expenses have been deducted is mind blowing.

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