5 Things Ghanaians Should Stop Saying/Doing To People With Natural Hair

Image of a lady in a natural hair twist out like an afro Source: stephrachel_

Every girl with natural hair can attest to the fact that, sometimes, people can be overbearing. They want to touch the hair and pass all sorts of unsolicited comments and advice about the hair.

We hate them and so here are some of them you people should stop saying.

1. “Go and do your hair” when you have twists on

Image of a lady in twists via naturallymichy.com

First of all, you aren’t giving me money to do my hair soooo… why do you think you have a say as to what I do with the hair. Secondly, my hair is in twists and it’s downright rude to think that if my hair isn’t in braids or weaves, it’s unkempt.

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