Word For The Day: “Entanglement” And How To Use It

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Jada Pinkett Smith has finally addressed the ongoing talk about she and Will being in an open marriage after August Alsina mentioned in an interview that he and Jada dated with Will’s blessing.

Jada and Will Smith appeared on her Red Table Talk and revealed that the relationship she had with August, happened at a time when she and Will were separated.

She referred to her relationship with August Alsina as an “entanglement”

A relationship, mind you, which August had said he’d die happy knowing he had experienced…reduced to an “entanglement”.

The internet is having fun with this and trolling the hell out of the word.

Here are all the ways you can use the word now but first, It can be a situationship, cheating, anything you want it to be really.

And it can be used for other situations as well. Not just romantic ones…it can mean anything.

Thank You Jada for the new word.

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