Social Media To The Rescue: Isaac And His Family Need Financial Support

Isaac Oyewo has been diagnosed with gastric cancer

Isaac Oyewo and his family are in dire need of your help to fund his treatment and their living expenses.

Isaac was diagnosed with gastric cancer in February 2020 and he has since been undergoing a series of chemotherapy, and subsequently, a bypass surgery to be able to feed because of the blockage in his duodenum.

On July 2, 2020 his stomach was totally removed to prevent further spread of the cancer.

He will, however, continue with the chemo treatment after he recovers from the last surgery.

Isaac is married with four kids, and his family is going through a difficult time raising funds and taking care of themselves because he was the breadwinner before he became ill.

His family is, however, seeking your support fund his treatment and their living expenses.

You can support Isaac and his family by making a donation on his GoFundMe page.

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