4 Unofficial Rules For “Entanglements” Or Rebound Sex


The whole world was thrown into turmoil yesterday evening because Jada Pinkett Smith finally came to clear the air about what happened between she and August Alsina.

The long and short of the story is that she and Will had broken up and she found comfort in the arms of August because she was hurting. Basically saying she had a rebound with him and later started working out things with Will.

For starters, the fact that she and Will had to come out to explain their sex life to the world is crazy but we wouldn’t be here if August hadn’t said anything because this apparently happened years ago. This made us think about what rebound relationships are and the unspoken rules that go with it.

You may find yourself in a rebound relationship or “entanglement” because you’re heartbroken and want to get back at them, forget about them or both but either way, there are some personal rules you should have for rebound sex after a serious relationship.

1. Deal with the loss of your old relationship first

Otherwise you’re just using the person to hurt someone else and they really don’t want to be placed in such a position. Both of you should have sex because you are attracted to each other and you both want to.

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