Signs That Show That Your Man Is Stingy

Yes, we get that guys don’t have to take care of their girlfriends like they’re their daughters and we actually support that.

What we don’t get is them having money but not being able to support you with it when you genuinely need it.

We know that sometimes it’s hard to know if the guy you’re in the talking stages or in a relationship with is stingy but we have some pointers for you.

1. He doesn’t take care of his family members

If you know he has the means to help out but doesn’t want to help out for no clear reason, you know for a fact that he’s stingy. It’s different with people who have issues with their family members but if you know for a fact that he just doesn’t want to help or closes his eyes to even his siblings’ needs, then he’s not going to treat you any different. Blood they say, is thicker than water so if he can do that to his family, why would you think he’ll help you out?

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