Lisa Kudrow Gives Conan O’Brien An Update On the ‘Friends’ Reunion

Lisa Kudrow Gives Conan O'Brien An Update On the 'Friends' Reunion

Will we ever get to see this elusive Friends reunion?

The untitled, unscripted HBO Max special was confirmed back in February, but the coronavirus pandemic has since shed uncertainty on when exactly it’s going to be happening.

On the plus side, as Lisa Kudrow confirms to Conan O’Brien in the video above, it is apparently still happening. “We have something on the books for us to do it,” says Kudrow. “You know, at some point in August, and then we’ll see. I mean we’re all still waiting for guidelines for shooting things.”

Conan and Kudrow then spend the rest of the clip joking about how annoyed everyone would be if it ended up happening over Zoom instead of IRL, with the cast freezing midway through different anecdotes.

Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen. We’ve waited 16 years for this, after all — if we need to, we can always wait a little longer.

Source: Mashable

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