Learning A Language In A Pandemic: The Ghanaian Students Learning Chinese

Ghanaian student

The passion of Ghanaian students for learning Chinese continues amid COVID-19 through online teaching, said Chu Beijuan, chief of the Confucius Institute at the University of Ghana.

Speaking with Xinhua on Wednesday, Chu said the teaching staff at the institute have been trying to diversify online Chinese courses during the school suspension, which was warmly welcomed by Ghanaian students.

“We introduced a variety of online courses, ranging from Chinese grammar to Chinese cuisine, to arouse the students’ interests while enabling them to have a deeper knowledge of Chinese culture,” said Chu.

“We even held this year’s Chinese proficiency contest online, namely the popular ‘Chinese Bridge’ Competition for foreign students. Cheers and chants were heard from the beginning to the end,” Chu added.

William Arhin, a prize winner of the competition, told Xinhua he is touched by the teachers’ help with his preparation for this competition during the trying time, saying the distance between teachers and students didn’t stop their passion for learning.

“The Chinese teachers are always available there to solve your puzzles and encourage you to make greater progress, which greatly bolstered my confidence in learning Chinese,” he said.

William, also a student of the University of Ghana, now has an even bigger plan for his Chinese study.

“I am planning to further my studies in China, which, I believe, will be a unique experience, “he said.

“Despite the fact that the pandemic is prevailing, and the internet connection here is not always satisfying especially in remote areas, we will always do our best to ensure all students have access to quality teaching,” Chu said

Source: CGTN

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