Ghanaians Rage Over Counsellor Lutterodt’s Rape Victim Comments

Counsellor George Lutterodt

Counsellor George Lutterodt made some distasteful statements about rape victims that have made Ghanaians very unhappy.

Mr Lutterodt stated, on a show on Adom TV, that rape victims enjoy being raped even though they resist the act in the beginning.

The first person who publicly criticised him for his statements was Ama K Abebrese. She slammed him for being irresponsible and also referred to him as a rape apologist.

Ama K Abebrese went further to call on every media organisations in Ghana to ban Mr Lutterodt.

There’s currenlty a petition making rounds on social media for people to sign to ensure that Mr Lutterodt is banned from TV and Radio in the country.

While the petition is being signed, Ghanaians are still criticising him for making statements which promote rape culture.

However, most of them are condemning the media houses for inviting Mr Lutterodt for their shows after the bodies that oversee the practice of counselling in Ghana have indicated that he is “fraud.”

Here are more reactions to Mr Lutterodt’s statements:


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