7 Types Of Ladies Men Don’t Want To Date Or Marry

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Men, just like women have certain things they don’t want in their respective partners. It is not uncommon to see someone who would tell you he or she doesn’t have a “spec” or that he would just accept whatever comes his way. Although, there are some guys who would have “the perfect lady” if perfection can be attributed to humans, yet mistreat her like the so-called Yoruba demons but we can’t allow one bad egg be used to generalize the remaining good eggs. Right?.

Therefore, it is not all men that should considered as demons. Some of them do not just like some characters exhibited by their supposed partners. Below are some of the things they find annoying and tiring.

1.  A Drama queen

Drama Queen GIF by memecandy - Find & Share on GIPHY

The drama queen likes to stir things up. She gossips and manipulates to cause trouble and arguments after which she blows everything out of proportion. She’s always on social media giving updates about every little detail of her life and relationship. She’s convinced that her post will be of interest to her audience.

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