11 Types Of Ghanaians Who Think They Are Better Than You

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See, nothing dey vex pass people who think they are better than you because of one tiny thing they have that you need or because they are in a position where you really need their help. Small ‘post’ then they “jigaa”

These are the ones who irritate the hell out of us!

People who use iPhones.

I dunno what it is but they always think they are superior to everyone else. Is it not the same calls and WhatsApp we are all using???

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People with earpods and Apple watches

You don’t have to keep showing them in every video or picture you take!

Security Men at banks and institutions during this pandemic

No be small authoritative “wash your hands” “I said don’t come in yet” “Stand outside. I’ll call you in”

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People who drink from bottled water

Stop waving the bottle in our faces please and please, at what point do you intend disposing off the bottle????

People who know celebrities

Lol the way they casually drop their first names in a conversation… “Oh Michael??? Are you talking about Mike? (Sarkodie)”

People who are registering you for important things

All the Ghana Card officers, DVLA officials, Passport office and National Service registration guys are on this table.

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People who share item 13 at functions

The way they look at you suspiciously like you stole a few of the items!! And when you know them, lol they’d act like they don’t know you just because they are sharing sobolo and meatpie.

Prefects in Senior High Schools

It’s just heartbreaking when they are your friends but suddenly, in public, they put up a show.

Senior High School housemistresses and teachers

See…calm down. You don’t have to be all charged up like that. Relax.

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People who serve food

The way they deliberately take small bits and you have to beg them before they add extra… ah charle!

Popular people on social media

Lol see them in public and get hit with some attitude. Like…hello, i follow you and i just want to say hello!?

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