The Celebrity Barber: Frank Quansah—The Man Behind The Freshest Celeb Haircuts

Photograph of Frank Kwesi Godwin Kwansah by EEII Photography

Have you ever heard of someone stumbling onto their passion? As in, someone just accidentally discovering what they were meant to do? Well, it happened to Frank Kwesi Godwin Quansah; the celebrity barber.

Right now, Frank is the barber of choice for some very big names … Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, Lil Win, Dance God Lloyd, and a host of others. But before he ever held a machine to cut hair, Frank wanted to be an actor.

That was his dream. It was his passion—he left Cape Coast and came to Accra because he wanted to act.

It’s Tough Being An Actor In Accra

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When Frank finally made it to Accra, the acting scene was harsher than he had expected. There were casting fees that you needed to pay to even get in a room for an audition. There were also numerous other costs if you wanted a chance to improve yourself as an actor. It was expensive.

In order to support the acting dream and to keep the passion alive, Frank knew that he had to make some money. So, he did. Frank sold pure water at Okaishie for a while. He just needed a way to have some money coming in. But selling water wasn’t cutting it.

In a move that is quite bold, Frank walked into a barbershop and said … that he was a barber!

Life Threw Some Curves At Our Celebrity Barber

Photograph of Frank Kwesi Godwin Quansah by EEII Photography

Frank obviously had no skill when he walked into that barbershop and announced that he could cut hair. However, he learnt. He started learning a little at a time. Piece by piece—watching YouTube videos, learning from his colleagues and improving his technique.

Soon, he would get a compliment for a cut that he did. Then another one. Then another one.

Every Good Barber, E Fi BE Artist.

—Frank Kwesi Godwin Quansah

Frank realized that he was good at this. This was something that he could pursue. And so, he got a place of his own. It was a shop that he rented from someone at Mallam. That’s when the curve came at him.

One night, when Frank was asleep in his container—where he usually slept because he didn’t have a place—there was a fire. The fire affected a lot of containers burning most of them down. It was an unfortunate event. And it led to Frank losing his shop. However, things could have been much worse because Frank slept through the fire. He was only saved because a girl who sold Indomie knew that he slept in his container and prompted the fire service.

After the tragedy with the fire, Frank found a place at Lapaz for a while. And then, good news! A friend offered to open his own shop for him. With impeccable timing, however, life threw another curve. Frank was arrested, together with his friends. They were arrested on suspicions of drug charges. And according to Frank, the fact that they all had a Rasta didn’t help.

After it cost so much to get out of jail, Frank’s friend backed out of their venture to open a shop. It wasn’t all bad tidings though. Frank found work at a Unisex Salon.

Ring. Ring. Shatta Wale Calling

According to Frank, back in 2013 when barbers were still taking GHs1.50 for a haircut, no one was posting their cuts on Instagram. Frank had the idea, and he did it. He used the handle @iam_celebrity_barber, and he posted haircuts. Frank got popular.

You know that because Shatta Wale called. Obviously, after the haircut Frank posted on his Instagram. And the reaction was intense. I mean, he had just cut Shatta Wale’s hair, and worked his usual magic. But aside the fans from his boys, there was something else. Another phone call. This time it was Sarkodie’s manager.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Frank had cemented his title as The Celebrity Barber.

Celebrity Barber Studios

After his success with celebrity haircuts, Frank worked at some big name shops, such as Real Men’s Quarters which is a small franchise with one shop at East Legon and another at Mallam. Frank moved around professionally for while.

However, now, he has his own shop in Kumasi—two, in fact. The Celebrity Barber Studio is a place where everyone is a celebrity. At the very least Frank will get you looking like one. Aside his two shops in Kumasi, Frank plans on opening one here in Accra soon at East Legon.

In the meantime, we just have to wait until there is a Celebrity Studio near us.



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