Omar Sterling Advises The Youth To Seek Happiness Over Money

Omar Sterling is a Ghanaian rapper and member of R2Bees

Omar Sterling (Paedae) has advised young people to seek happiness over money.

This advice from the rapper comes after the incessant talk of making money by young people on social media.

The number one trending topic on social media is about going to Benin to perform money rituals to become rich. Even though most of the posts are based on jokes, it gives you an idea of the mindset of many young people in Ghana… make a lot of money!

But Omar Sterling has indicated that money can buy comfort but not happiness.

In a Twitter post this morning, he stated that when he was young, he was obsessed with money to the extent that he named the company he co-founded “Refuse 2 Be Broke” and also decided that he should be referred to as “Payday da Pralem”.

“As I grew older it dawned on me that our generation can boast of being the most comfortable from past generations but can we say we are the happiest?”

He, however, stated that “happiness is an inside job” and advised every young person to look within themselves and access it.

“Money can buy comfort no doubt but happiness NO. Happiness is an inside job. Look within it’s free and accessible to all. I love you”

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