How To Spot A Crazy Fan On Social Media

Shatta Wale

They’re everywhere and it just might shock you that you’re one!

1.Crazy fans usually have their favourite icon’s name in their social media handles. Eg: Akosua Shatta, Fiifi Sark etc

2.They weirdly refer to their icons as “mummy” and “daddy” in the comments section of every post and some even go as far as calling themselves “son of…” “daughter of…” eg: Jackie Appiah’s son, Efia Odo ba.

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3.They follow their icons on every social media media platform and think they know everything about them. (The crazier ones will stalk in person.)

4.They are always fighting anyone who dares say anything that’s not praising their icon. On social media and physically if need be.

Some will threaten you!

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5. No one is better than their icon. Any comparison that is made, their icon will come at the top no matter how absurd it may seem.

6.The minute a song from their favourite artiste drops, even before they hear it, they will announce that it’s a jam…whether it’s nice or not.

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7. They constantly like to say their icon is underrated or a song they dropped is underrated…EVEN IF IT IS POPULAR AND WON AWARDS!

8.They love putting up a weird flex by always mentioning an old song or not so popular song as their favourite song, just to prove that they’ve been fans for long.

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9. They are at every single concert and are definitely the ones directly in front of the stage, singing and shouting lyrics.

They’re definitely the ones always being thrown off the stage.

How can you avoid becoming a crazy fan of some music artiste?

Check if you’re always playing music from them nonstop everyday.

That’s how it usually starts.

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