Ama K Abebrese Blasts Counsellor Lutterodt Over Rape Victim Comments

Ama K Abebrese is a British-Ghanaian actress, television presenter and a producer

Ama K Abebrese has lashed out at counsellor George Lutterodt for the statements he made about rape victims on a TV show.

Mr Lutterodt stated on the show that rape victims enjoy being raped even though they resist the act in the beginning.

Ama K Abrebrese who is unhappy with the statements made by Mr Lutterodt, took to Twitter to express how she felt:

“Something that any real professional counsellor and expert will discredit. This is highly irresponsible and a very dangerous rhetoric that fuels sexual violence and rape culture. He claims he has spoken to ‘many rape victims’ and his assertions are based on that. Despicable.”

“This man Lutterot is a rape apologist simple. One of the worse I have seen because he masquerades with the title of ‘counsellor’ to essentially justify and normalise rape culture with a reprehensible statement that ‘all victims of rape enjoy the act’.”

“This perpetuates victim blaming and trivialises what rape survivors go through. His comments are deplorable, especially at a time in Ghana, and beyond when so many people are advocating for victims of rape and sexual assault in their fight for justice.”

“The worst thing is that he is not even a certified counsellor yet these media organisation in Ghana continue to give him a platform. This has to stop.”

Ama K Abebrese has, however, called on every media organisation in Ghana and the National Communications to ban Mr Lutterodt.

She also indicated that she has spoken to Cynthia Morrison, the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection about Mr Lutterodt’s statements.


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