5 Times Ghanaian Designer Pistis Styled Samira Bawumia

It is without doubt that the Second Lady of the Republic of Ghana is a fashion icon. She oozes taste and class anytime she steps out.

She’s always decent and always covered up and you’ll still feel her presence when she steps into a room.

We believe that her love for fashion and style has always been there as she was once a beauty contestant and a lifestyle TV presenter. Now that she is a politician, she has still found a way to blend the 2 worlds causing her to even win an award at the Glitz Style Awards.

She has been creating magic with Pistis Gh for a while now and every single look just screams “fashion icon”! We love them and we want to look at 5 times they brought their powers together to create fashion magic!

1. She wanted to pay homage to her Fulani heritage and so she and Pistis created this beautiful white piece.

Image of Samira Bawumia via @pistisgh

Ps. Look at that rich kente!!

Image of Samira Bawumia via @pistisgh

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