40 Most Used Social Media Acronyms You Should Know

31. POS: Piece of Shit

32. STFU: Shut the F— Up

33. NBC: “Nobody Cares Though”

34. BM&Y: “Between Me and You”

35. BTAM: “Be that as it May”

36. ELI5: A naive abbreviation popular on Reddit that asks people to explain complex issues. The acronym stands for “explain it to me like I’m five.”

37. DIY: “Do it Yourself”

38. NOYB: “None of your Business” / MYOB: “Mind Your Own Business”

.39. FTW : “for the win”  People  use it to show a great hope for success or victory.

40. KPC : “Keeping Parents Clueless”

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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