40 Most Used Social Media Acronyms You Should Know


Imagine someone asked you when you would finish work or project and you had to type “As soon as possible” when you could just type “ASAP”?. Not bad right?. These acronyms make chatting fun and less stressful especially for people who don’t really like typing. At times people use it as messaging codes that can be understood only by both parties.

However, the use of these acronyms can become boring or annoying if you do not know what they mean or the full meaning. You might consider using search engines like Google, Bing and others to decode the acronyms but what if you had more than three chat buddies who reply your texts with acronyms almost every time?. It’s possible you lose the vibe to chat while looking for answers on Google.

Below are 30 most used social media acronyms you should know

1. AFAIK : An acronym shortened from “as far as I know.”

Ex: AFAIK, cr7 is the best footballer!.

2. AMA: Means “ask me anything” and is used on social to inform the public that you’re open to questions of all kinds.

Ex: AMA, I sell skincare product.

3. BFF : “Best friends forever”. It is used to show a warm relationships with friends.

Ex: Daniel and John are bff.

4. BRB: “be right back.”. BRB is a classic acronym to let someone know that you’ll be away for a short time.

Ex: BRB, I want to eat.

5. BTW: means “by the way.”

Ex: BTW, you can call me Solomon.

6. FYI: Just a little reminder that this acronym means “For your information.”

Ex: FYI, the president is my father.

7. OG: Original Gangster

Ex: Mark is a real OG

8. BAE – Before Anyone Else

Used as a term of endearment for someone you care about.

9. HMB – Hit me back/ HMU – Hit me up

10. YOLO: A beautiful acronym to use in inspiring posts, especially in the traveling industry. It means “you only live once.”

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