Nollywood Memes That Ladies Going Through A Breakup Can Relate To

It goes without saying that breakups can feel very terrible. And that’s understandable because after all, you just wasted a chunk of your life with this guy/girl and now you have to find someone else to start all over with again.

Plus, you have to undo everything you’ve been doing with this one person and try to wean yourself off them. It’s a really hard process and these nollywood memes from @yung.nollywood on Instagram has captured our various moods at each stage of the breakup or heartbreak we’ve gone through or are currently going through.

1. This was you when they told you that they were breaking up with you

Image of a nollywood meme via @yung.nollywood on Instagram

2. Hard girl but the tears will flow

Image of a nollywood meme via @yung.nollywood on Instagram

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