How A 419 And Romance Scam Works

image via Instagram//@Hushpuppi

Nigerians Hushpuppi and Mr Woodberry are currently in the United States of America waiting to stand trial to answer to accusations of cyber fraud and money laundering.

If found guilty, the two are facing almost 20-year jail term.

Email scams have become so prevalent globally, and so deeply linked to Nigeria, that the fraudsters have a name in the country: “Yahoo boys”.

While the spotlight seems to be beamed on Nigerian fraudsters, Ghanaians also have a few bad nuts among them.

While some have ventured into mobile money fraud, the email scam is still prevalent.

Here is how they normally operate:

  • 1. An individual may contact you via e-mail, explaining he needs help to transfer money
  • 2. Will tell you that political turmoil or a natural disaster makes it difficult for the scammer to make the transfer
  • 3. Will ask you to give him your financial details so that he can transfer the money into your account
  • 4. This allows the scammer to access and steal from your account
  • Be careful what you post on social media and dating sites as scammers use the details to better understand you and target you.


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