BRYAN THE MENSAH: The Journey So Far

Photograph of BRYAN THE MENSAH

BRYAN THE MENSAH is many things—and one of those is a very prolific creator. In fact, he’s just released his fifth project in three years. He’s also—undoubtedly—an incredible musical talent and a hard worker. Those qualities are evident in his growth so far.

Before there was BRYAN THE MENSAH, there was Bryan Kweku Mensah, an elementary school kid who just loved music.

Musical Covers, And Dipping Toes Into Production

Although he studied Information Technology at Blue Crest College, Bryan’s interest in music would inevitably lead to him making some rap melodies of his own. At his start, he didn’t know a whole lot about music production. So, he started making covers … and he would make music with beats that he found on the internet.

To listen to him now, it would be difficult to tell that he’s an entirely self-taught producer. But he is. Bryan had a friend with similar interests and they would learn from each other; experimenting as they went. It was a lot of trial and error, and Bryan went even further with online courses and YouTube tutorials. He produces this well today because he put in the work.


For Bryan, music was a way to express himself. He could let people in—tell his stories—in a way that made people actually stop, listen and take it in.

And his first project, Friends with the Sun, with the newness of the experience and the fact that he was finally putting something out, proved to the artist that he really did enjoy making music.

His parents understood that passion. You know that because even though they are from a different generation of music than ours, Bryan will occasionally play them a song. And as parents do, they also do tell him to keep his head down—not to get too carried away—and to focus on the work.

The Bedroom Studio And Looking To The Future

These days, Bryan is making music from his bedroom. He moved all his equipment home because he’s not going outside. Obviously, the bedroom studio doesn’t allow features, but other than that, Bryan finds the experience of working from the house relaxing.

Although he’s currently revelling in the stay-at-home experience, this is still BRYAN THE MENSAH. He’s still the guy who’s going to “go as far as he can go,” in his own words.

Tracks Upon Tracks Wey I For Dey Do Then Release.

—Bryan The Mensah,

Not Going Outside (EP)

BRYAN THE MENSAH’s Not Going Outside is now streaming on the following platforms.

Promo Visual for EP by Bryan The Mensah: Not Going Outside


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