#AsGhanaianAs: M.anifest Reminds Us Of Things That Make Ghanaians Unique

M.anifest is a Ghanaian rapper, singer and songwriter

There are certain things that Ghanaians say or do that make us unique and also distinguishes us from people of other nationalities.

M.anifest, however, has started an interesting trend that requires people to use the hashtag #AsGhanaianAs to tweet about things that a typical Ghanaian will do or say.

The rapper first tweeted a photo of himself posing by a plant and this was his caption: “How Ghanaian am I? #AsGhanaianAs… not being able to resist taking pictures next to plants and flowers.”


M.anifest went on tweet other things that make Ghanaians unique:

Not too long after M.anifest made these #AsGhanaianAs posts, other tweeps picked it up and started tweeting their versions of the things that a typical Ghanaian will do or say. Most of the tweets are very interesting and hilarious.

M.anifest, however, is considering turning #AsGhanaianAs into a song…

Well, we would love that!


Here are some #AsGhanaianAs tweets that we gathered. Check them out:


source: kuulpeeps.com

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