VIDEO: Man Calmly Asks For Divorce When He Caught His Wife Having With Another Man

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A black man is gaining a lot of love online after a video of him catching his wife cheating went viral.

The man had walked in on his wife having sex with another man.

In a calm voice, the man told his wife that he couldn’t do it anymore and that he wanted her to grant him a divorce.

“Will you give me a divorce?” “Will you give me a divorce please?” he can be heard asking in the video.

The man, who seemed to know the other man his wife was having an affair with said he wasn’t angry and he had no issue with Jason – the other man.

The man and Jason were friends yet he chose to not hold a grudge towards him.

He also dropped off his key to the apartment they shared before walking out of the room.

Since the video hit the Twitter streets, many have been commending him for his composure and trying to understand why he remained so calm.

If you were in his shoes, what would you have done?


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