Simple Ways To Annoy Your Ghanaian Girlfriend

If for some reason you want to get your girlfriend angry, then you’ve come to the right place. Also, this is for those of you who think your girlfriends are always annoyed at you and you can’t seem to pinpoint what you’ve done.

Here are some things you do that can get your Ghanaian girlfriend pissed off.

1. Leave her on “read” or “seen”

It’s almost as if you want to lose your relationship. How on earth do you leave the love of your life on read?? You should have responded the second after she sent you the message. You’re really playing games with your relationship life.

2. Forget her birthday or your anniversary

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Sooo… basically, what you’re saying is that you don’t appreciate her and you aren’t even excited about the fact that she’s in your life. As a spec that she is, she could have chosen anyone but she decided to be with you and you still do not appreciate the gem that she is. Continue doing this and you’ll be the only one left in the relationship.

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