Obour’s Aboa Konkontiba: A Disgusting Song That Should Have Been Banned

Obuor's Konkontiba was a popular hiplife song in the early 2000s

Growing up, we used to listen to a lot of songs we had no business listening to because of their raunchy lyrics. Half the time, most of us barely knew what they meant until years later.

I stumbled on Obuor’s hit single, Aboa Konkontiba and right in the middle of enjoying it again, it hit me how inappropriate the song is. This isn’t even about it having hidden dirty lyrics… it is just horribly disgusting and I wonder why the song wasn’t banned.

I had the lyrics explained to me and…let me just break down what the song really means.

The whole song has just one subject broken down and described in several disgusting ways: chasing a young girl or child romantically. 

He used the tadpole (Konkontiba) growing into a frog  (apɔnkyerɛni) as a reference that the “young will definitely grow.” so there’s no such thing as a child. He went ahead to use mangoes to describe this sick idea by saying “when you pluck an unripe mango, you can put it away and wait for it to ripen before eating it.” He practically advised men to grab a young child and keep her till she grows because ‘young girls are much better.’ A literal translation is just terrible. Trust me.

“Wei deɛ ɔsua, menim sɛ ɔsua

Nanso ɔno ara na mepɛ”

Now before you go thinking he probably was just talking about frogs and mangoes and whatever excuse you want to come up with for this song…

Obuor clearly rapped about a time when young women were pursued by men only when they were aged 20 and above but now young girls at the age of 16 have obviously been exposed to sex so…why wait?. It’s obvious he knew exactly what he was rapping about.

He made several comparisons with things considered “archaic” and things considered “hip” or “current” to drive his point home.

Even Batman (Samini) who was featured on the song said these exact words in twi: “who doesn’t want a young child? Even if it’s a 3-year-old…even if she’s as young as his younger sister… that’s exactly what he wants!”

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And to think it was played EVERYWHERE and topped several charts and went on to solidify his status as a very successful artiste. 

The craziest part of it all is, this song was explained off as “no matter how small one is, he or she can rise to be great with determination and hard work.”

I have no words and I’m sorry I ever sang or danced to this song.

Read the lyrics here.

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