Mark Asari Of The Voice UK Goes Gospel With New Single

Mark Asari known for being on The Voice UK

British-Ghanaian artist, Mark Asari delivers on his new track titled ‘Welcome Home’ which is a part of a series of new faith-based Christian singles he plans to release in the near future.

The track is an upbeat number driven by soulful guitar chords and has an infectious groove that has the listeners hooked and delivers a strong message. The message in the song explains how big God’s grace is, enough for him to always accept us back to His will no matter how far we’ve been away from him, as long as we are truly repentant.

Mark Asari gives us a word in new inspirational single 'Welcome ...
cover art for Mark Asari’s Welcome Home

Mark explains this change in direction as being newly born again and wanting to live a life that genuinely represents Christ in all he does.

This decision came about after feeling stagnant and not really feeling any sense of direction in life. And with where the world is going no longer wanting to experience it without having a strong relationship with God to help direct and manoeuvre him through it. Even as far as musically, choosing to use his God-given talents to glorify all things of God.

Famously known for taking part in the UK talent show, The Voice, Mark was known for winning the hearts of many with his inspiring story of stammering anytime he speaks but flowing fluently whenever he sings.

Get the song on all platforms here: Mark Asari and watch the lyric video to the song here:

Source: Talkmedia GH

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