DIY Skincare Ingredients You Need To Stop Using

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DIYs have become the order of the day for us. It’s more affordable than the chemical skincare products and you can control what you put in them.

The struggle now is that some of the so-called DIY treatments that are recommended by a number of people will rather harm your skin. Some use a lot of harsh ingredients and promise almost instant results.

What a lot of you forget is that some of you have really sensitive skins and some of these ingredients can just mess you up and result in a lot of skin issues.

Here are some ingredients you should stay clear of.

1. Baking soda

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The first and most important reason to steer clear of this DIY is not just because the physical nature of baking soda is too harsh for the skin, but also because the pH level is extremely damaging.

Let’s break this down: A neutral pH is a pH of 7. Anything above this is “alkaline”, and anything below this is “acidic.” Your skin’s pH is usually around 5.5, meaning it is acidic. This acidity, housed in your skin’s acid mantle, is what protects the skin from external stressors and bacteria. It’s basically your skin’s first line of defense, so it’s super important. 

Using products that have basic pH (higher numbers) can disrupt your skin’s acid mantle and break down this defense against bacteria. Seeing as baking soda has a pH of around 9, it is terrible for the health and well being of your skin. This is not only terrible for the long term health of your skin, but it can be extremely irritating, causing short term rashes and redness that may not fade well. (Source:

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