What We Are Listening To This Week: Camidoh’s Contingency Plan EP

cover art for Camidoh's debut EP

This week I selected an EP for what we are listening to this week because I honestly could not pick one song out of the project.

Camidoh’s Contingency Plan EP (C.P.)

What a solid project!

cover art and track list for Camidoh’s debut EP

EPs are my favourite thing because I think it’s the perfect way to introduce your music style to new fans.  It has less songs… just enough to not overwhelm a new listener and it’s easier to make a statement and leave an indelible mark with your music but…only if you do it right!

One thing I noticed and makes me proud about this EP was that Camidoh carved out his identity with it and made sure it stood out!

Might sound weird but, when Camidoh dropped For My Lover which catapulted him into the limelight, everyone thought he was Nigerian. 

People still think he’s Nigerian when they hear that song and inasmuch as that isn’t a terrible thing, I was so relieved when I listed to his EP and didn’t get even one Nigerian vibe off his music because cmon, it’d be tragic to have fans dwindle his talent down to “sounding Nigerian” and only associating him with that.

Camidoh image via Twitter

He dropped an EP that’s going to be recognised solely for his talent because look, C.P. is amazing. Just 6 songs, 18 minutes long, each song sweeter than the next and the production… the production was excellently done. 

The transition from the first song, Find Me to the next song, Hot Pursuit was just…

Via giphy

And Hot Pursuit is definitely my favourite song off the EP. The fusion of ewe and the traditional calls in the song almost gave me goosebumps. He probably should have done the whole song in Ewe.

After Kelvynboy’s TIME EP, I didn’t think I’d find an afrobeats/afropop EP that will make me overly impressed but Camidoh’s C.P. is it.

He checked all the boxes: great voice, awesome production, commercial worthy songs, no skips and I’m super proud of him.

Go listen to the EP on all platforms and come find me if you don’t enjoy it!

Listen to the EP here:

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Source: kuulpeeps.com

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