A Reminder From GH Twitter To All Men: Fear Women

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Yesterday or should I say early this morning, while everyone was sleeping, GH Twitter was busy discussing a topic: Women.

Men talk about women all the time but this time, the main topic being discussed was how dangerous women are.

Apparently, women are dangerous and can kill you. Why? Because it seems they are experts when it comes to cheating.

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Shocking revelation but, this dawn, guys went on and on about how women hurt them on the regular and the fact that some ladies agreed makes this even more jawdropping!

Women? Cheating???

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It first started when the guys shared their confusion when it comes to women and being blind to a guy actually liking them and doing everything he can to “eat”. Turns out women will swear the guy has no ulterior motives even when it’s so clear!


Boyfriends are tired of trying to point it out to their girlfriends that Kofi isn’t leaving his house at Adenta to pick you up at Kasoa just to take you to East Legon to run your errands because he wants to be “just friends.”

But…plot twist, what if every girl is just playing dumb?

It’s interesting how the guys really poured their frustrations out. The heartbreak…it’s crippled most of them.

It didn’t take too long for the conversation to move to women and how they are actually quite skilled in cheating.

Looks like every young Ghanaian King has been cheated on or seen someone get cheated on by a Ghanaian Queen.


Someone tried to let the men understand that maybe, it’s just because there’s no money in the relationship that’s why they get cheated on so much. After all, everyone knows money makes relationships sweeter!

But…surprise! surprise!! be like there’s no formula to this cheating thing!

What do women have to say in all this?

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