8 Of Our Favourite Looks From The EMY Africa Awards 2020

Raise your hands if you were surprised like I was last night that people actually gathered to witness an awards show. I thought it was going to be a solely virtual show like that of the 3 Music Awards but nope…

Anyways here are some of our favourite looks from the event. If your favourite isn’t part of my list but you think they should, leave their names in the comments section.

1. Salma Mumin

Image via @salmamumin on Instagram

To be honest I was quite surprised with her look yesterday. At every awards show she’s almost always average. She doesn’t do too much. It’s always just right. Yesterday, she looked stunning! The choice of fabric, the way the clothes hugged her body… everything was just a beauty to look at. Her face/nose mask made by Kelvincent just made me fall in love even more. Sima Brew knew what she was doing when she put this look together for Salma. It was perfect!

Image via @salmamumin on Instagram

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