5 Things That Make Ghanaians Afraid Of The Rain

Photo by Nur Andi Ravsanjani Gusma from Pexels

It’s the rainy season, and for Ghanaians—people living in Accra, especially— there’s a love-hate relationship with the rain. Love because, who doesn’t just enjoy the rain and how cozy things get? Hate because, well … it’s Ghana and if there’s a chance like this for things to go wrong, you bet they will.

ECG Will Take Your Lights

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

The all-powerful ECG will take your lights for any reason, really. It’s Saturday? Light Off! It’s 9:00? Light Off. However, when it rains is one of the few times that the lights going off might actually be warranted. But it still definitely hurts when ECG takes your light. And it’such a scary thing because even if the wind blows the wrong way, ECG will just turn your lights off.

Your Internet Starts Messing Up

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

There’s never a wrong time for the internet. But you have to admit, watching some Netflix or just looking at memes while it rains is a whole mood. And … of course, when it rains here, even the internet goes bad.

There’s Mud Everywhere

Photo by SplitShire from Pexels

It’s funny how we’re in a country where if you mention how bad the roads are, it’s seen as a political statement. But when it rains, we all walk in the mud all the same because of how bad the roads can be. It’s a mandatory sneaker wash if you’re going to go out in the rain.


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