Reasons Why People Remain In Toxic Relationships

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It’s easy to judge people in toxic relationships and assume the worst about the reasons why they’re staying in it or even get baffled as to why they’re in something that clearly destroys them emotionally, psychologically and even physically. The truth of the matter is that we can’t really understand what the people are going through until we find ourselves in that position and even then, because we are all totally different people we won’t react alike in the same situation.

I saw a video Stephanie Benson posted on her Instagram about a lady who has been in a relationship with a sugar daddy for about 2 years. In the relationship, he brings about 3 guys to sleep with her weekly and she still does it because of the money. She wants to leave but she can’t leave because everything she has; her house, cars and even money is in the guy’s name. Plus, he has threatened to kill her if she leaves. You can watch the video here.

As I said earlier, we are all different people. You might not even put yourself in such a situation but even if you did, your first instinct could be to leave with nothing. Some people might also carry everything away and move to another region. And still others like this lady will be petrified and feel stuck.

Based on research, here are some reasons why people stay in toxic relationships.

1. Low self esteem

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One of the reasons that someone may stay in a relationship that is no longer happy or healthy, may be because they have low self-esteem. Someone who has high self-esteem is able to see that they’re worth more than a relationship that constantly makes them miserable. They’re able to understand when it’s time to leave for their own mental health.

On the other hand, someone who has low self-esteem may feel that if they speak up about their unhappiness in a relationship, they’ll be faced with rejection. (Source:

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