5 Times Wiyaala Made Us Forget There Was A Pandemic

image via Twitter//@Hungryyouth_

Stalking Wiyaala’s Twitter account has really given us a peek into her personality.

She’s such a happy soul!

She seems to be happy all the time with zero cares in the world and she exudes so much positivity! I get excited when I see her posts after scrolling through tweets about Coronavirus and the Government and what some cheating scumbag did to someone.

She easily makes me forget about the anxiety that comes with worrying about everything happening in 2020 right now and I need to share this positivity with everyone!

Wiyaala never hesitates to show us her life in Funsi, a small town in Wa way up in the Northern part of Ghana. From simple tasks like taking a stroll through the town or riding her bike in town, Wiyaala manages to make me laugh!

It’s obvious she’s loved in her community.

There was a time she gave us a peek into how she gets her wild hairstyles done and lol just look at her!

Oh and this video is a personal favourite from her! A snippet of performance at the Fashion Connect Africa’s event earlier this year. Just look at her teach a few guests some dance steps.

PS: K.O.D had better rhythm than all of those called onstage

She’s a great performer obviously and this short video of her singing Rocky Dawuni’s Africa Reggae Fever was too short!! Wayyy too short!!

If you enjoyed these, you should listen to her music and watch her in her music videos here: Wiyaala. It’s worth it.

I promise!

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