‘Warrior Nun’ Is Netflix’s Latest Weird Flight Into The Fantasy Genre

'Warrior Nun' Is Netflix's Latest Weird Flight Into The Fantasy Genre (image via Netflix)

Netflix’s everything-and-the-kitchen-sink programming strategy includes taking flyers on concepts that border on the bizarre, and so it is with “Warrior Nun.” Inspired by Manga novels, this 10-episode series meanders a lot while offering a “Stranger Things”-type vibe, serving as a weird diversion that, on the road to goodness, doesn’t even get halfway there.

Although messing with religion can easily be a third rail especially when potentially nefarious forces within the Vatican, are involved the premise is a little too fanciful to provoke outrage, with an ancient order of nuns devoted to fighting off demons, from the perspective of the wide-eyed innocent introduced into that world.

That would be 19-year-old Ava (Alba Baptista), who awakens in a morgue, having been revived by a divine, circle-shaped artifact that, in an act of desperation, has been embedded inside her. Ava is understandably mystified and falls in with a group of friends that it becomes increasingly difficult to shield from the more supernatural aspects of her new existence.

“Warrior Nun” is only the latest series of its kind to land on Netflix, following “Altered Carbon” and “The Witcher” and in advance of the July 17 premiere of “Cursed,”.

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