These GH And Naija Accounts Never Miss With Their Funny Skits


Laughter is medicine and with the way 2020 is going, we all need something to laugh about every once in awhile.

The accounts mentioned in this article have an amazing gift of making us laugh and most of them are young comedians/skit makers/content creators who do nothing but give us their best and make us laugh all the time.

We love what they do and we want all of you to go check them out too!!

Josh2Funny (Nigeria)

Follow him: Twitter, YouTube

This guy managed to kickstart a global challenge from just being silly and…his videos have always been wholesome and hilarious and look, how many skit makers have been featured on CNN????

SDK Dele (Ghana)

This guy went viral for his skits because they were so hilarious! The best part of it all is, he usually gets his parents to join him and listen, when they do…it’s fireworks!

Follow him: Twitter, YouTube

Apaokagi Maryam (Nigeria)

She’s definitely the funniest account we have found on Instagram. She makes relatable content that will at least let you get out a light giggle.

Fine more on YouTube, Facebook

Doralyn Adinkra (Ghana)

She usually remakes viral videos and there’s something about the way she always pulls it off. If you don’t laugh watching her just stare at something, you have a problem! She’s a brilliant actress.

Find more of her videos on TikTok, Twitter

Sydney Talker (Nigeria)

Nigerians make some really dope content and we honestly cannot make this list without adding Sydney Talker and his towel. He always has a white towel with him. Often. Usually. Just go stalk his videos!

Find more of his videos on Twitter, YouTube

Made In Ghana (Duh?)

Listen, this young man is funny af!!! We just recently saw him popping up on our TLs and lmaooo what a guy! His videos always have us rolling on the floor and we aren’t exaggerating!

Find more of his videos on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook

Jayberete (Ghana)

Because we are shamelessly Ghanaian, here’s an extra GH skit maker you should follow. He’s effortlessly a “fool” and his videos are quite entertaining and relatable!

Find more videos on Twitter

Your timeline is about to be lit and, don’t forget, laughing everyday can actually boost your immune system!


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