I Feel Like It’s Not Yet My Time – My Celibacy Story

Today’s anonymous contributor is a 24 year old male called Mr. A who is a student.

I’m a Christian and I was taught to be chaste, however being chaste was something I felt I owed myself. I don’t know when that will change but it’s something that has become very normal to me.

Growing up, the normal relationship life every other young person had wasn’t the way for me. I’ve not had a serious relationship yet. In all my years on earth, I’ve had just one relationship which was quite recent and it wasn’t really anything serious. I’ve grown to like myself and be in the state where I’m able to appreciate being single.

What keeps me going is focusing on what I do with work and studies. I’m not paying attention to relationships because I believe that’s what makes you get into sexual relations with someone.

“I really ‘base’ doing my own things. If I get into a relationship, fine. If not too, I’m good. So it’s not like I’m being guided by the Bible or something. It’s just like a natural decision taking its course. That’s how I see it and that’s what keeps me going because I feel like it’s not yet my time. When my time comes, everything that’s supposed to happen will happen.”

I am human and I do get horny at times; that is my main struggle. I tried self-pleasure but it wasn’t really helping because it started to take a mental toll on me so I had to stop however I found something like a loophole. I have a few female friends who I talk to and vibe with on a regular and this helps me put my feelings in check since chatting with them helps me focus on other things.

Personally, celibacy in a relationship is stressful because of what I’ve heard people say. Yeah! It’s quite serious. Some people promise to be celibate with each other but end up sleeping around with others. I don’t think I’m ready mentally for that since I’m quite an emotional person.

Aside from that, because I’m not in a relationship, I can’t say much about being in a relationship and staying celibate but I know people who are in relationships and are abstaining. It’s basically not a topic in their relationship. They just live and find other ways to numb the feelings when they arise.

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