Here’s Why Deputy Minister Carlos Ahenkorah Has Resigned

Carlos Ahenkorah

It has been announced that President Akufo Addo has accepted the resignation of one of his appointees, Carlos Ahenkorah, the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry.

This has come about because Carlos, who is also going for re-election as the Member of Parliament for Tema West constituency has admitted to putting the lives of Ghanaians at risk.

Last week, Carlos tested positive for coronavirus, however he was asymptomatic.

That meant he was not showing symptoms and he was also not hospitalized.

As a result, he visited a number of centers where the voter’s registration exercises were ongoing in his constituency.

Though some of the photos showed that he was in a mask and kept his distance, people criticized him for willingly putting the lives of Ghanaians at risk just to further his political agenda.

Carlos Ahenkorah (standing) at a voter registration centre

Various groups of people called on the President to fire him for his blatant disregard for the lives of the people who live in his constituency.

These calls resulted in the President giving Carlos an ultimatum to either resign or get fired.

Just minutes ago, the President accepted his resignation which takes immediate effect.

Press Statement from the President

Carlos Ahenkorah was also present in the same ward when the CEO of the Forestry Commission, Sir John passed away two days ago.

After his resignation, many are also calling on him to give up his nomination to run for the parliamentary seat for Tema West Constituency.


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